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Week 51 2012 Pt. 1 (…Miss me?)

BW_Cv15Batwoman #15


16 issues, I think it’s time for this story line to end already. Don’t get me wrong, I like the direction that this story has taken over all, but it dragging to a point to annoyance and driving me to boredom. I’m honestly thinking of dropping this comic. Now, I love Batwoman but I was incredibly thankful that this issue did not revolve around her; it made the story less redundant however, it was redundant. In any case, the artwork, in comparison to J. H. Williams isn’t that great, the lining is a bit too dark, a little overdone in my opinion, still better than other comics I have read but I love J. H. Williams. I found some timing and clarity problems with the story. Movement was s bit spotty and that is another reason why the story lost me a bit. The writers are bringing nothing new to the story, it’s lacking in substance becoming wracked with redundancies. Over all, this story just needs to end already.



BB_15Blue Beetle #15

In The Styx

I love Jaime and this comic. There is a great addition to the tension and the stakes in the story that involve Jaime having a scarab attached to him are well built and structured, the story development and how it has progressed since issue one is very well done. See, this is not a redundant comic book, because with every issue, although the overall ending plot follows a unified center, each issue something happens to raise the stakes, like him becoming kidnapped for example in this next issue and the person, Kaji-Ka, really wanting his suit back. Progression, that’s what this comic has. The dialogue and the interaction between Jaime and his suit, his quite hilarious, I love it. Each issue is entertaining; the writing is just that phenomenal. The artwork is also great; it fits both the character and the writing. It’s a clear concise comic that is easy and fun to follow. I love it.



GLNG_Cv15_R1Green Lantern: New Guardians #15

The Need for Greed

love Kyle and this storyline is great. However, I do have some reservations on the comic. The concept behind this comic started out as something different and now it has just progressed to something else entirely. To be quite honest, I think I prefer the earlier draft of the central plot line in the first few issues. The group made a great team in my opinion and there was a lot that was brought to the table because of that. And despite my love of Kyle (who they are NEVER allowed to kill…again[1]) I don’t think I like him being this all-powerful being, it rubs me the wrong way. Glad Carol’s costume is no longer slutty but it’s okay, for the love of god, to show some skin, just look at Wonder Woman. I would also like to note that her characterization needs a lot of work; she’s starting to bug me, acting like she’s this know-it-all pious person. I do not like her so much here. I miss Bleeze, Indigo-2 and Saint Walker, I hope they come back and this story line is just a slight tangent. Full circle Bedard, please.



NW_15Nightwing #15

Cleaning House

Mr. J is the world’s greatest detective. Oh, how I love and missed the Joker while he was gone. Yes, I am aware of how disturbing that sounds. Nevertheless I digress (ha ha, that rhymed), this plot line is AMAZING! The complexity that lies in both the story and the characters is very well done. What I find particularly interesting in this comic is the love twist between Siona Zuuko, the daughter of the man who killed his parents. It was an intense moment that built up so much tension that is obviously (hopefully) going to be explored in the future. But back to this story line, the tension built up to the end of the issue was awesome, the movement and structure of this story is awesome, I absolutely love it. I love Mr. J, best DC Villain ever…let’s not argue with me shall we?



[1] Green Lantern Corps Blackest Night aka Evilness


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