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Week 51 2012 Pt. 2


Red Hood and the Outlaws #15

It Only Hurts When You Laugh

Roy is an enigma, seriously, what is his deal? He’s a genius, used to be a druggie, ace marksman and wears a trucker hat. This dude is awesome, I mean I hate the trucker hat but it certainly does add to his mystique. Anyway, I loved the fact that Starfire has built a lot of character in recent issues for which I am extremely happy. She and Roy have something great. However, that’s just my opinion.

Now, onto the Joker Red Hood aspect of the issue; needless to say, I loved it! Bringing back the climatic story of Red Hood’s death and showing just how much of his life Joker knows is great. That story line, that crowbar, that is what I have been waiting for here. Even though I like Jason, now, reading about that story just gives me such chills! It’s awesome. Mr. J knows just how to get under his skin doesn’t he? Hahaha! I crack myself up sometimes . I should probably stop before I freak you guys out shouldn’t I hmm?

Well, anyway, now you know a little of what I liked. In addition to all that, the movement, the writing, and the transitions were also superb. I just love the writing in this comic.



20549Star Wars: Agent of the Empire #3

Hard Times Part 3 (of 5)

Agent Cross is cool, but I feel as though his persona is a rip-off of Solo. Just a tad. I mean, he is a bit of a man whore, and you can’t say he isn’t, be honest about it. Luckily, Solo wasn’t a man whore. But I digress, Cross doesn’t seem like a totally original character to me, which is a bit disappointing. I like the story and the period where it takes place and how Cross interacts with the epic characters designed by George Lucas (Leia and Han; so far no Luke). Like I said though, Cross flirts and will sleep with whatever pretty woman crosses his path, and in the hopes of obtaining information. It happened in the first story line and the likelihood of it happening again looks high. He’s a bada** character, I’ll give him that, he just doesn’t seem original to me.





19804Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi #2

The Prisoner of Bogan Part 2 (of 5)

I love the Sith. I think we’re seeing a pattern with me here. Xesh and Trilll make a dynamic team and the love/betrayal aspect of their relationship intrigues me. Another fun fact that this story has brought to light is that it was the Sith, or Dark Jedi, were the first ones to design and use lightsabers. That is ingenious! I love it! Love, love, LOVE IT! Tension is well developed and the little hint of the Dark Side within some of the Young Jedi is amazing. It’s a subtle hint thrown into the writing, but the artwork really shows it. I love it. There is a lot of psychological tension within this comic, a lot of stakes within the writing as a whole. No complaints in regards to this writing. The characters and plot are well developed and the Dark Jedi…well, they’re just awesome. PICK UP THIS COMIC – IT’S REALLY GOOD!





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