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Week 52 2012

JUSTL_Cv15Justice League #15

Throne of Atlantis Part 1

Wow.  I mean, just wow, this really was a good issue.  I was expecting something different when I first read the title, but the way it progressed and how the story was presented and told was just kind of awesome.  But, I digress, G. Johns is awesome.  I just loved how the characters were written.  I mean, Clark took Wonder Woman out on a date, it was awesome.  He put glasses on her!  It was great, just great.  And Lois got jealous, as she should have.  Oh how I love what they are doing right now with those two.  And Mera, she is just awesome.  I love her.

Anyway, this was a great comic, writing, artwork, forward movement, progression were all very well done.  Love this comic.



AQM_Cv15Aquaman #15

Throne of Atlantis Part 2

I love reading comics that are part of the same story arc together, makes the waiting more bearable.  However, I think my favorite part of this issue was the fact that Batman had Aquaman’s, I mean that was just a great moment.  I also loved how much Mera is involved in the story.  Like I said before, she is just awesome.  In any case this was a good story and I really enjoyed reading it.  The twist at the end was not something saw coming and I thought it was just a really good twist, and this is coming from a HUGE Batman fan.  That moment at the end has built up so much tension for the story to continue progressing forward.  This is such a good arc…well so far it is.  I really love how intense it is and the stakes within this story are so high and the tension to coincide with it is just so well structured.  Love it.  I just love it.



Let me know what you think :)

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