Thursday Night TV (3 Jan 2013)

The Big Bang TheoryPenny and Leonard…honestly they are a great pair and I love the dynamic this entire cast has with one another.  It was great to see a new episode.  The humor in the show is great and brilliantly written and as a science geek and comic geek I am pleased to see how well this show is doing to progress both of those aspects while keeping the integrity of the show whole.

Now, onto the actual episode…omg, I was laughing so hard.  The sexual harassment aspect of the story was just brilliantly done and I loved it!  And Sheldon was just, I wanted to smack him, he always throws everyone under the bus alongside him.  However, that just makes the episode more funny.  I love this show.  Thursdays @ 8PM EST on CBS.

Two and a Half MenIt has been a long time since I have liked an episode of Two and a Half Men, and I mean a long time.  I don’t however blame Ashton Kutcher, because I personally think he does bring a lot of humor to the table.  Often times I think of Kelso and his helmet and how Walden too needs a helmet.  I blame the writers because the writing has been deteriorating since Charlie Sheen was on the show.  It has to do with the writers and how the show is being written.  That being said, here was an episode with very good writing, somewhat.  All of Walden’s girlfriends don’t like Alan, which confuses me because the dude is so metro, I mean cheap yeah, but so metro.  All of Charlie’s girlfriends love him so what the writers are doing in that department, I am not really a big fan.  That is my only problem right now with the show, other than that, this was a very good and genuinely funny episode in quite some time.  Thursdays @ 830 PM EST on CBS.

Person of InterestI love the story development and Finch (aka Ben from Lost  for me) is awesome.  I mean this really is a great show.  One of the best things for me about this show is the character development.  They all grew into this little tight nit group and it has blossomed into something amazing.  It’s as though they are a family now and that’s the best kind of dynamic.  From the beginning to now, they fight for one another, trusting one another, standing up for one another whereas before they could not really stand one another.  And now they have to save Mr. Reese who is in Rikers.  Oh what a twist and what a pickle that that written itself into this plot line.  I love it.  This show is awesome!!!!  Thursdays @ 9PM EST on CBS.

ElementaryJohnny Lee Miller is such a brilliant Sherlock Holmes, I think he is simply awesome.  The way he portrays the character and carries it is amazing.  I love it, many people might not because he is a bit of a jerk a lot of people may prefer the Benedict Cumberpatch Holmes to Milller’s Holmes which is understandable, Benedict is an awesome Holmes.  But what I love about Miller’s Holmes is the fact that is is different, it stands out of the crowd while at the same time really standing out.  The way the writers have gone about doing this has worked so far for me.  The same goes for Lucy Liu as Joan Watson…I love it!  She is awesome and the way she and Miller interact is also awesome.  They have great chemistry with one another.  I tip my hat to the casting director.

Now, in regards to the actual episode, I loved it.  I mean it was just so well done.  The spy story line would have felt ridiculous if it hadn’t been done right.  But it was done so well.  The way in which it was written was brilliant.  It flowed and built up on the tension quite well.  Props to this writer on all fronts cause whereas the espionage story has been done to death, I was able to take it seriously.  Thursdays @ 10PM EST on CBS.


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