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Week 1 2013 Pt. 2

TT_Cv15-1Teen Titans #15

Teen Scream

I. LOVE. TIMOTHY DRAKE. I realize how wrong that sounds (although admit it, it’s not as disturbing as me loving Mr. J), he’s fictional, but he is awesome. And lets face it, the way Rapmund draws him makes him look so darn cute.

All right, I’m gonna stop before I totally lose you. You there? Good, gad you stuck around J. This comic is amazing for two main reasons: 1. Dialogue, 2. Artwork. The dialogue just brings the characters to lisw. Casse, and forgive me if I sound like a broken record here, is so KICKASS! That girl does not look talk like a wuss, now the girl has spunk and attitude. I love her. The dynamic, the characters are just amazing. They are so well done and I absolutely love them. Each and every one of them is done amazing and are just. Seriously, buy the comic. Just buy it!





REDL_Cv15Red Lanterns #15

Waking the Past

Bleeze = awesomeness. I say that word a lot, I apologize. Now, onto this comic, this was really good. Dex-Starr is by far my favorite red lantern, I love how he goes to help and at the same tim enaxt revenge. That is what the red lanterns stand for. It’s pretty awesome, they are neither black or white, but rather a shade of grey. Writing is good, a little slow…okay the Bleeze tory line was a lot slow, but other than that the writing good. The plot twist though, following Atrocitus was great1 He brought back the Manhunters who are responsible for the death of his entire race. He wants to bring them to life so that he can take down the new third army. I did not see that coming! And the end, the Manhunters turning back on him. I can’t wait to see what happens next!



JUSTLD_Cv15Justice League Dark #15

The Death of Magic Part 1: Up is Down

Zatanna is awesome, just awesome, but where the heck are they? It’d pretty cool what is going on. I mean Constantine is honest, Deadman is alive, Xanadu is old…which is scary, and Zatanna is freaking powerful. Oh, yeah Orchid…almost forgot about her…she doesn’t belong on this team, she is a shape shifter, I don’t like her, she has a bit on an attitude, she’s not charming, she just does not seem to fit in with this crowd so she needs to go.

Honestly, Orchid is my biggest complaint in regards to this comic. She just doesn’t belong. Everything else though works, and come on…it’s Constantine! He’s such a charmer.



Let me know what you think :)

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