Day: 22/01/2013

Guillermo del Toro May Take Pacific Rim Star Charlie Hunnam To Crimson Peak

By:  Sean O’Connell Charlie Hunnam is likely going to become a huge movie star once Guillermo Del Toro’s giant-freaking-monsters-versus-giant-freaking-robots blockbuster Pacific Rim hits theaters in July. Then again, Taylor Kitsch probably felt the same way right around this point last year with John Carteron the horizon. But this is a clear sign that Hunnam’s solid in the new blockbuster because Del Toro appears ready to lock his star up for his next film, as well. The director’s moving quickly to assemble a cast for Crimson Peak, a []

PS4 controller to include LCD touch-screen, biometric sensors?

By:  Eddie Makuch The PlayStation 4 could introduce a new controller, pushing the longstanding and iconic DualShock input to the background. A “senior games studio” source speaking to CVG claims Sony‘s research and development department has been busy testing numerous controller designs for the still-unannounced next-generation machine. One such design includes an LCD touch-screen and biometric sensors on its grips. Biometrics technology is capable of reading data from a gamer’s body, including heart rate and temperature, among other things. Half-Life and Portal studio Valve is []

Paul Rudd And David Gordon Green Do Their Best Work In Years In Sundance’s Prince Avalanche

By:  Katey Rich Over the course of David Gordon Green‘s diverse and, recently much-mourned career, the one consistent thread is his investment in relationships between men with not much going on in their lives. The affectionate one-up manship between Bust-Ass and Noel in All The Real Girls leads directly to the on-the-lam buddy stoners in Pineapple Express, and even his ill-fated studio adventure Your Highness was just a story about two brothers on a really, really dumb quest. Nobody depicts dudes the way Green does, and making []

Kojima would have preferred Gray Fox over Raiden in Metal Gear Rising

By: Martin Gaston Hideo Kojima would have preferred Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance to feature Gray Fox rather than Raiden, but the famous Metal Gear Solid creator allowed the silver-haired star of Metal Gear Solid 2 to take the leading role because he wanted the younger members of his team to take control of the game. “It was my staff in Kojima Productions that insisted on Raiden,” said Kojima in an interview with IGN, “and I respected their idea. I wanted to really focus on production than []

Star Wars Episode VII Could Feature The Work Of Poster Artist Drew Struzan

By:  Eric Eisenberg Star Wars and Drew Struzan artwork are like love and marriage: you can’t have one without the other. While the legendary poster artist is associated with a number of other brilliant classics, from the Indiana Jones series toBlade Runner, to Back to the Future to The Goonies, his work for the Star Wars universe is perhaps the most iconic, beginning his work on the saga all the way back in 1978 for the re-release of Episode IV (just known as Star Wars at the time). When the franchise came back in 1999 []

Anticipated indie puzzler Antichamber coming to Steam this month

By:  Martin Gaston Highly-acclaimed indie puzzler Antichamber will be heading to Steam on January 31, sole developer Alexander Bruce has announced. Dubbed a “mind-bending psychological exploration game” by its creator, Antichamber has scooped up multiple awards, including the technical excellence gong from last year’s Independent Games Festival. A price for the game has yet to be announced. Antichamber is notable for its striking visual style, mixing bright, luminescent colours with a white background and head-scratching architecture – the game is designed to make players recall []

Captain America’s Toby Jones Says He’s Coming Back For The Winter Soldier

By: Sean O’Connell Marvel’s Phase II looks mighty, an adjective that has served the comic-book behemoth well over its lifetime. But the Phase II movie I’m most eagerly anticipating easily has to be Captain America: The Winter Soldier because there are so many juicy questions surrounding its existence that still need to be answered. Tony Stark for example, always has Pepper Potts and his Malibu mansion to fall back on (for the time being, at least), and Thor’s able to return to Asgard and find []

Out of Oz (The Wicked Years: Vol. 4)

It pains me to say this, but this book was a bit of a disappointment. There is a war going on in this book and whereas I can respect the author for not wanting to focus on it the way in which it is written makes me think that the characters are going to have a big impact in the war. Granted they do have a big impact in the and change the world of Oz, it’s not until the very end []

Sony selling US office for $1.1 billion

By:  Eddie Makuch In an effort to bolster its financial foundation, Sony has agreed to sell its New York City-based United States headquarters for $1.1 billion, the company has announced. The 37-story office is located at 550 Madison Ave and will be sold to an investment consortium led by the Chetrit Group. The deal is expected to close by March 2013. Sony expects the transaction to net proceeds of $770 million after paying debt associated with the building and other various transaction costs. []

Bruce Willis Coming Back To Sin City For Sequel

By: Sean O’Connell This year’s Sundance Film Festival has become a bubbling wellspring of information on upcoming projects, as news outlets look beyond the films that talents are in Park City to promote to ask them about movies they have on the horizon. Case in point: Robert Rodriguez was in town for an anniversary screening of his early hit El Mariachi, and spoke with MTV about the work he’s putting into Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. You can listen to their interview below, but the []