Singularity a PlayStation 4 game?

By: Eddie Makuch


Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls developer Quantic Dream may be working on a PlayStation 4 game titled Singularity. As spotted by Superannuation in a new Kotaku feature, the Paris-based developer registered the domain in November.

The domain name matches up with previous Quantic Dream registrations, including those and

The domain name also suggests that Sony may elect to name its next-gen platform the PlayStation 4 instead of Orbis. Gamers may not need to wait long to find out, as Sony is expected to hold an Apple-style event at the end of March to officially unveil this new machine.

Additionally, Quantic Dream founder and president David Cage has ties to Singularity. The designer previously explained that Ray Kurzweil‘s novelThe Singularity is Near was a major influence on the studio’s “Kara” tech demo (below) from the 2012 Game Developers Conference.

It is improbable that Quantic Dream’s Singularity will exist publicly as “Singularity,” as it is also the name of Raven Software’s 2010 shooter. In addition, Activision holds the trademark for Singularity.

A Quantic Dream representative was not immediately available to comment.

Source: GameSpot

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