Tuesday Night TV (22 Jan 2013)

Hart of DixieI am so glad that Wade and Zoe are dating now.  I mean they are cute together, and even though I hate George’s mother, I was happy with the revelation of the relationship, the standing and who truly cares for whom more.  It really was a good establishing episode.  Lemon’s character who was growing quite a bit, took two huge steps back with her reaction towards her dad and Shelby dating.  I mean the girl makes her father happy and I like her, I think she’s fun and quirky and I like the actress and the part she plays in the show.  All in all, I love this show, and I love the actors.  It’s fun with the slight touch of drama in a small town.  It’s like a show about that small town where everyone talks only it’s not typical which separates it from all the rest.  That also separates it from all the medical drama’s out there.  Tuesdays @ 8PM EST on CW.

New-Girl.pngHilarious!  Purely hilarious.  I love this show.  Zooey Deschanel is awesome and I love her character on the show.  I love how fun and silly she is.  I mean she really is a great character and the dynamic she has with her fellow cast members is great.  There is a lot of humor within this show and the characters all have their ridiculous aspects that drive the show.

Another thing that works for this show is the growth and movement of the show, the way it goes.  One thing moves the stories and drive the plot, and another point connects to another story while not subtracting from the initial plot.  A really great show.  I love this sitcom  Tuesdays @ 9PM EST on FOX.


Let me know what you think :)

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