Day: 25/01/2013

Thursday Night TV (24 Jan 2013)

Well, this episode certainly got serious there.  It’s pretty evident that the writers are trying to create some tension, but the writers, well, they really need to work on how they do it.  Granted, there is no law against sitcom’s have serious moments, but with how this show has progressed over the seasons, this late in the game, it feels misplaced.  Steve Carrell was amazing at making serious moments funny, it was his job and he was brilliant at it.  But now, []

Benedict Cumberbatch Admits He’s Irritated By Star Trek Villain Mystery

By: Sean O’Connell OK, J.J. Abrams. We’re giving you the polite “golf clap” at being able to maintain the mystery surrounding Benedict Cumberbatch’s identity in Star Trek Into Darkness. You’ve teased Trekkies with compelling trailers that skillfully hinted at Khan, but feel like calculated misdirections to cynical film journalists (like myself). But even Cumberbatch is starting to crack, revealing his mild frustration at not being able to talk openly about his juicy role and the impact he hopes to have on Abrams’ reboot Trek universe. Calling []