StarCraft II player MorroW signs to Western Wolves

By: Rod Breslau


Swedish StarCraft II player Stefan “MorroW” Andersson has signed a new one-year contract with the competitive gaming team Western Wolves, officials from the organization told GameSpot.

The 20-year-old Swedish Terran and Zerg player has been searching for a new home since parting ways with Mousesports on June 27. While in Mousesports, Andersson was approached by several teams with offers, which he was to consider when becoming a free agent.

Initially after leaving Mousesports, though, those plans did not pan out and left him to start from scratch. Andersson, along with several other players from South Korea, took a leap of faith with the ApeX eSports organization, who had wanted to open up a StarCraft II division. The experience was quite rough, and not more than two months later, the organization shut down due to owing payments to players and staff.

Andersson and Western Wolves have been speaking with each other over the past two months and were able to agree on terms in the last few weeks. Andersson has developed a trust with Western Wolves, something that he is not able to have with many organizations. His trust for the business of eSports is quite low due to teams and tournaments not paying out or fulfilling promises. He feels things will be different his time.

“We believe that MorroW will be able to bring in more stability in our roster as well as a lot of experience,” a Western Wolves representative told GameSpot. “All of our current players are unexperienced when it comes to offline events. When it comes to the skill level, we believe that they have a good practice routine and are all making progress, but we’ve seen them having a problem with nerves at events.”

Andersson joins a Western Wolves roster with several Swedish countrymates, including Rickard “SortOf” Bergman, Daniel “StarNaN” Ohlsson, and Viktor “Mini” Malmberg. These players are friends to Andersson, and their recommendation to him was one of the biggest reasons he has decided to join the team.

Western Wolves had been in negotiations with Swedish superstar Johan “Naniwa” Luchessi to join the team as well, but talks broke down last week with issues for accommodation of Luchessi while in South Korea. Western Wolves say that not signing Luchessi is unrelated to the signing of Andersson.

Andersson will play his first event under the Western Wolves banner at the Esport SM qualifier event in Umeå, Sweden.

An interview with Andersson will be conducted on GameSpot in the following days.

Source: GameSpot


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