Day: 29/01/2013

CT senator says games influenced Sandy Hook shooter

By:  Eddie Makuch Democratic Connecticut senator Chris Murphy is the latest politician to call out the gaming industry in the wake of the deadly school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. Speaking during Senator Dianne Feinstein‘s (D-CA) press conference yesterday (via GamePolitics) introducing a bill that would ban assault weapons and high-capacity gun magazines, Murphy said the massacre may not have occurred if games did not glorify guns and violence. “I think there’s a question as to whether he would have driven in his mother’s car []

The Impossible Director To Helm Warner Bros’ Untitled Sci-Fi Feature

By:  Kristy Puchko A disaster movie out of Spain became a massive international hit this year, and the man to thank is Barcelona-born filmmaker Juan Antonio Bayona. Based on the true story of one family’s survival of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, The Impossible showed movie audiences the catastrophe’s widespread and horrific devastation by focusing on a family’s journey to survive and reunite. The Spain-produced English-language film has not only become a record-breaking box office sensation in Spain, but also has earned scads of critical []

Crytek Opens New U.S. Studio

By:  Matt Miller The developer behind Crysis has a new location here on American shores. A press release from Crytek today details the arrival of a new studio in Austin, TX. The studio will open with a team of 35 developers on staff. David Adams will serve as CEO of Crytek USA. “I’m thrilled to be a part of the newest Crytek studio, which will boast some of the brightest development talent in the industry,” says Adams regarding the new studio. “The studio’s []

Hugh Jackman Suits Up In New Image From The Wolverine

By:  Eric Eisenberg In Bryan Singer‘s 2000 film X-Men it was established that Wolverine wasn’t a big fan of the leather jump suit the team had him wear, but that doesn’t fully explain a certain pattern that has developed in the marketing for James Mangold‘s upcoming superhero film The Wolverine. Thus far there have been three official stills and one photo-based poster for the movie (the teaser poster was illustrated) and all of them have featured the titular character not wearing a shirt. As we haven’t []

Mass Effect 3 DLC teased?

By:  Eddie Makuch Mass Effect 3 has already welcomed a bevy of postrelease expansion content, but more could be on the way. BioWare producers Casey Hudson and Mike Gamble today tweeted two “teaser” images for unannounced content for the action role-playing game. The image (below) shows an armored Krogan creature wielding a heavy melee weapon. Gamble said of the image, “Does not like a guy you’d like to mess with…” In December, BioWare teased the next single-player expansion for Mass Effect 3, saying it will be “all hands on []

Star Wars 2015 Release Date May Not Happen With J.J. Abrams

By:  Sean O’Connell Now that we’ve had a few days to come down off of the contact high from the news that Star Trek helmer J.J. Abrams is taking over Star Wars: Episode VII, it’s time to start asking – and possibly answering – a few major questions. Who, from the original Star Wars movies, might return to continue the series? What storyline will Abrams attempt to follow as he sets up a fresh trilogy? And when might we actually see this film in theaters? At first, we []

Star Wars Episode VII Won’t Feature Artwork From Drew Struzan

By:  Eric Eisenberg Star Wars Episode VII may have gained a director in J.J. Abrams today, but it looks like it’s lost any chance of having artwork done by legendary poster artist Drew Struzan. Earlier this week the artist excited millions of Star Wars fans when he said that he had been contacted by Disney about the new trilogy of films. While his quotes made it sound as though he just wanted to be retired and spend time with his family, he did leave the door somewhat []

How to Steal a Dragon’s Sword (How to Train Your Dragon: Book 8)

love the How to Train Your Dragon books and this book especially, it’s just perfect for children to read. The story is so imaginative and interactive that it just captured me. It’s a perfect book for children because of those aspects. The artwork in the story was so childish and wonderful, I mean it really I suitable for the story in a way that it draws the story out within the text of the story. None of it is distracting, not even []

OUYA Developers Create 166 Game Prototypes In 10 Days

By:  Louis Garcia OUYA, the upcoming Android gaming console made possible through Kickstarter, recently partnered with Kill Screen to launch CREATE, a 10-day “game jam.” Teams of developers created 166 entries for the event, and now await their chance to be chosen as a finalist. Developer Phil Fish, creator of Fez, Felicia Day of The Guild, and a panel of others will choose winners from an eclectic mix of entries. A grand prize of up to $25,000 is within grasp, with developers also able []

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Sequel To Start Production In May

By: Eric Eisenberg Remember that Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon sequel that you never asked for and probably never heard of before I mentioned it at the beginning of this sentence? Well, it’s going into production in May. Deadline has learned that The Weinstein Company has been quietly developing a follow-up to Ang Lee‘s Oscar-winning wuxia film and are now just a few months away from starting to roll cameras. John Fusco, whose previous titles include Hidalgo and The Forbidden Kingdom, has written the script while Bride of Chucky/Freddy vs. Jason director []