Thursday Night TV (31 Jan 2013)

Vampire DiariesAll right, to sum up here, Jeremy and Elena are planning on killing an original vampire, non-other than Kol (hoped I spelled that right).  Needless to say they succeeded in killing him and then in killing everyone he has ever turned.  All right, so it wasn’t a bad plan, it did save a  lot of innocent people from Klaus so that was a good thing, but overall, I mean I like this show, it’s interesting the direction it has taken and don’t get me wrong, I love a good vampire story, but it’s starting to lose me.  The romantic lines are seriously starting to bug me.  Yes, I love Elena with Damon, I love Ian Somerhalder, but it really bugs me how it’s going about.  It’s too melodramatic and the story line itself it already starting to grasp at straws.  It’s stretching thin and character development it starting to plateau.  What happens when she becomes human again, when any of them become human again?   I think it would be more interesting if the story moved away from Klaus, that story has been stretched to its absolute limit and needs to end now.  It is done.  The love triangle is good for a little while but that also needs to be settled.  The show is becoming as redundant as these TV reviews seem after a time.  There is just so much one can say about a subject.

On the other hand there is a lot of development on the Bonnie aspect of the story.  Her going dark is fascinating and shows a lot more in regards to her character.  That is the only part of the show that is really growing and expanding and I am interesting in seeing what happens next, in that aspect.  Thursdays @ 8PM EST on CW.

Person-of-Interest.jpgInteresting turn of events here.  His ex-partner who he was supposed to kill who was supposed to kill him and nearly did strapped a bomb to his chest and made him and their ex-boss do her dirty work for her.  Her character has become hardened although towards the wrong people.  Jim Caviezel is, as always, a great actor and I love his part in this show.  He contrasts his ex-partner beautifully.  Both were in the same situation, both had to leave their lives behind and become “dead”.  But the different turns their lives took really highlights who they are as well as the definitions of the characters.  However, it’s a very cliché concept.  You have one go good, and one go bad.  Classis motif that has been used again and again.

Now despite that, I still love and admire this show because it has done a lot to build its credibility and establish the characters and the connections they have with one another.  Friendships are formed here, and unlikely ones as well.  Over all.   I love this show and I will keep tuning in to watch it week after week, just as long as it stays on this path of good writing, I have no doubts in regard to the acting.  These guys are all great.  Thursdays @ 9PM EST on CBS.

Let me know what you think :)

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