DayZ standalone’s first in-game footage released

By: Martin Gaston

The first footage of the upcoming standalone version of DayZ has been released, showing 15 minutes of gameplay from the popular zombie survival game.

DayZ creator Dean “Rocket” Hall and production assistant Matt Lightfoot are playing the game, talking over the footage, and in one bit, are taking off their in-game trousers.

The look of the menus and UI have also been streamlined and shown off, with the player’s current avatar shown off in the background of the main menu.

The rest of the video shows off improvements to the map — including swamps, an expanded military base and a new island — alongside a new method of spawning loot in buildings. Scavenging in the standalone version of DayZ looks like it might be particularly tricky, seeing as items (such as the tin of beans shown in the video) can spawn behind and under other objects.

As for when the game might head into open beta, Hall said there was “no timeframe” for this but that development team is focused on making more information about DayZ available via blog posts and additional videos.

Source: GameSpot


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