Day: 12/02/2013

Dead Space 3 Loot Exploit Won’t Be Patched, Says EA

By: Darryl Kaye   (@DarrylGU) Dead Space 3 was only released last week, but an intrepid gamer has already found a way to exploit he game‘s look system. It allows gamers to farm resources, allowing them to gain items with ease, that others might end up paying real money for through the game’s micro-transactions. It’s an exploit that looks set to stay though, as EA has made their stance very clear. Despite the potential for lost revenue, they’ve stated that the micro-transactions are merely there []

Monsters Sequel Moving Forward With New Writer, Director

By: Sean O’Connell Gareth Edwards’ Monsters was a modest hit back in 2010, burning up the film festival circuit (with a memorable stop in Austin for SXSW) and earning decent box office overseas. The film – about a man and woman trying to cross a forbidden area of Central America that had been restricted due to the presence of lethal creatures – was made on a shoestring budget but made overnight stars of Edwards and his leading man, Scoot McNairy. Talk of a sequel buzzed []

Tomb Raider Trailer Details Artefact Hunting And More

By: Melissa Evans   (@Fataleflare) A new trailer has been released by Square Enix for Tomb Raider that shows off a newly discussed feature for the game that lets you back-track by Fast Traveling. Using Fast Travel Lara can return to places she has already been to explore them further to locate artifacts and other treasures that will be collectibles. These collectibles will also help solve the mysteries of the Island she’s stuck on. New areas can also be visited as you upgrade Lara’s gear and you []

Douglas Booth Joins The Wachowski’s Jupiter Ascending

By: Nick Venable The Wachowskis are one of the more admirable forces in Hollywood. Their vision remains unaffected by a viewing audience that often chastises them for their films, including their bloated novel adaptations; the terrible machine-filled sequels; and their reboot of one of the most vapid cartoons in history. Even as essentially useless a couple of their films may be, the rest are quite memorable and work on a technical level that other directors only dream of. And without V for Vendetta, the []

OUYA To Be Available At Retail in June

By: Jared Scott   (@JaredScott5) According to a recent interview by The Wall Street Journal, the famous OUYA will be available at retail one month after shipping begins in March for Kickstarter backers. While much of the interview covered details already listed on OUYA’s Kickstarter page and official website, some new details have emerged. One of which includes that the OUYA has roughly 200 games total that are either being developed or are ready for the console’s launch. Referencing AAA studios, it was also hinted []

Deadly Little Lessons (A Touch Novel: Book 4)

I really need to stop falling in love with fictional characters, but then again, it’s due to the Stolarz’s writing that makes him so irresistible.  His characterization, his pain and anguish is captured beautifully in both the description and dialogue.   So I’m in love with him.  And the characterization goes along with all the characters.  Each of them is so well designed and thought out form narration to internal dialogue.  The very expressions she gives the characters are so perfectly structured in []

Paranormal Activity 2 Director The Latest To Take On Stephen King’s Cell

By:  Nick Venable News of a Stephen King adaptation generally draws extreme reactions – either disgust or clueless joy. I’ll cop to being part of that latter group, though my enthusiasm is always kept in check by the sheer number of of projects he regularly has in development. As fans lay in wait for further development of 11/22/63, The Stand and The Dark Tower, at least one long-gestating project is starting up again. Screen Daily reports Tod Williams has been tapped by Cargo Entertainment to adapt King’s novel Cell. []

Dead Space 3 action focus a ‘necessary evil’ says writer

By:  Eddie Makuch Original Dead Space writer Antony Johnston has chimed in on Dead Space 3. Speaking to NowGamer, the writer–who had no involvement with Dead Space 3–said the game’s focus on action was a “necessary evil” to attract more gamers. “I’m personally a big fan of old-school survival horror, and that was one of the main reasons I wanted to work on Dead Space. So the greater emphasis on big action in the sequels means they’re not really for me,” Johnston said. Johnston added that []

Nicholas Hoult Soldiers Up For Rupert Wyatt’s WWI Love Story

By:  Nick Venable At the rate he’s working, actor Nicholas Hoult might star in every fifth film released in the next few years. Having recently shown his undead chops as the lead in Jonathan Levine’s Warm Bodies, Hoult is quickly proving he’s capable of any genre he tackles. He’s got Jack the Giant Slayer on the immediate horizon, and Mad Max: Fury Road and the next X-Meninstallment coming next year. Now audiences can expect to see him as a soldier in a war drama. Variety reports Hault has joined the []

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX Website Gets Updated

By:  Mike Sousa Following on from some new screenshots that were released a few days ago by Square Enix, the official site for the Japanese Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX has been updated with a bunch of new Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days stuff. The new content includes story details, characters data on every organization XIII member, even more screenshots, and new features that will be added to the HD release. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReEMIX will be released on March 14 in Japan, but at []