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Monday Night TV (11 Feb 2013)

BonesThis was a very interesting take on the episode.  It allowed us viewers to get to see more inside of Bones and her beliefs.  It was also cool to see her beliefs being questioned.  It was a very good episode all in all.  The whole plot was definitely well written and developed well.  Over all, it wasn’t predictable and the whole ice/blood bullet and how it worked seemed a little cheesy and out there, but over all, it was pretty great because we got to see because it is a long-standing rumor and possibly and seeing how it can actually be put into practice was pretty great.  I loved it over all.  Acting and plot twists were good.  Mondays @ 8PM EST on FOX.

The FollowingI LOVE THIS SHOW!  This show is great and amazing and the plot twists were great.  The acting is great as well and the story structure is amazing.  Not sure how I feel about the whole threesome love triangle going on there.  I get it, they are strongly connected together by a third person, that is an aspect that lives in many relationships, two and then the third wheel, but here, it doesn’t seem like that, it seems like it’s sex for the sake of showing sex.  That is my only issue with this show.  Over all I love the show and Kevin Bacon is an amazing, the pain and torture represented in his face.  It’s amazing, he is amazing.  I love this show, love it!  The suspense, the plot twists and subject matter is thrilling!  I love it.  Mondays @ 9PM EST on FOX.


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