Dragon Quest X Wii U Release Date and Beta Testing Announced

By: Melissa Evans   (@Fataleflare)


Square Enix has announced that they will release the Wii U version of Dragon Quest X on March 30 in Japan. This follows the game‘s release on the aging Wii system last year and will come with an HD graphical update along with a special console bundle.

The content in the Wii U version is the same the Wii release, but the Wii U version features enhanced graphics and the option for players to play Dragon Quest X on the Wii U GamePad. The game will also include a ticket for 20 days of online play. In addition to the game, Square Enix will also release a special hardware bundle which includes the 32GB black premium version of the Wii U, a black Pro Controller, a 1,000 Yen Nintendo prepaid card, five super health orbs all for use in-game and the game itself for 42,000 yen (roughly $452).

Beta testing for the Wii U version will start on March 6. Dragon Quest X has not been announced for any other regions outside of Japan at this time. Fans are hoping for some kind of a clue as to when it will make its way to the west but only time will tell if this online title will remain a Japanese exclusive or not.

Source: Gaming Union


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