Final Fantasy X HD Shown Off On Vita

By: Spencer Pressly   (@torchwood4sp)


The final bit of big news to come out of the PlayStation Vita focused live stream this morning was Final Fantasy X HD being shown on Vita for the first time. This is not what most fans were expecting and just showed off a few character models such as Tidus and Yuna. No gameplay was shown, but Square Enix wanted to show us all that the game was still in development.

This rather disappointing showing has gotten quite a few fans mad already at the lack of information on this HD port of Final Fantasy X for PS3 and Vita. After announcing the game at TGS 2011, all they have to show is a handful of character models in the year 2013.

Square Enix will be showing off more information soon and want us to know that they are working hard to make the graphical quality on Vita look even better. Still after all this time in development you would be surprised that they aren’t just remastering the game completely if they are taking this much time to release an up-resed port.

There is also no word on the games release date, but it is hard to say if it would even be a safe bet on it releasing by the end of the year. How do you feel about what Square Enix decided to show off in this live stream? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source: Gaming Union


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