Halo 4 Majestic Map Pack out next week

By:  Martin Gaston


Halo 4‘s Majestic Map Pack will release on February 25, Microsoft has announced.

The pack will include three new small-to-medium sized maps–Landfill, Monolith and Skyline–developed by longtime Halo mapmakers Certain Affinity.

“Landfall’s emphasis is on infantry battles amidst a glittering ocean and a city under siege on a distant world. Monolith is an open battlefield; a Forerunner monument that exposes you to the naked vacuum of space – and the firepower of opposing teams. Skyline puts you in the air on a new construction site, and its distinctly industrial surroundings and sky-high locale provides new challenges in confined spaces,” wrote the Halo Waypoint blog.

Alongside the maps comes two Majestic DLC playlists–eight player FFA DLC and four-versus-four Team DLC–and a free-for-all gametype called Infinity Rumble, which combines lengthier respawn times with an increased focus on ordnance, allowing special medals, assists and style kills to contribute to your ordnance.

The Majestic Map Pack DLC will cost 800 Microsoft points, and is included with the War Games Map Pass or Limited Edition copies of Halo 4. It is the second of the three map packs coming to Halo 4.

Halo 4 was awarded a respectable 9.0 in its GameSpot review last year. “A thrilling, moving story and intense competitive multiplayer help Halo 4 continue the series’ reign as one of the premier shooter franchises,” said reviewer Chris Watters at the time.

Source: GameSpot


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