Day: 22/02/2013

Once Upon a Time©

Once upon a time There was a girl Who tried to soar But you wings were too heavy And weighed her down And every time she lifted them A tear would fall A hit the ground she was rooted on Once upon a time There was a girl Who tried to skip across a lake But every time she place her A top the clear blue water Her foot would sink And the mud would cover her Once upon a time There []

The Wachowskis’ Cloud Atlas Follow-Up Jupiter Ascending Secures Extra Financing

By:  Katey Rich Though it managed to eventually make an impressive $107 million worldwide, Cloud Atlas was a sad entry in the box office of 2012, an expensive and beautiful passion project that divided critics and was roundly rejected by American audiences. Even the poor movie’s Blu-ray release has been pushed back all the way to May, and fans of the film will be gritting their teeth at Sunday’s Oscars watching films with less beautiful scores and cinematography take home prizes. But despite the financial []