Final Fantasy VIII achievements show up in Steam database

By:  Erren Van Duine


Nearly two years ago, Final Fantasy VIII (along with Final Fantasy VII) showed up in Steam’s registry database.

The original find, reported on by RPG Site, contained dummy files for both titles – with FFVIII appearing to be a modified version of the original PC release. Since their discovery, the files were promptly removed and their existence fell into obscurity.

Last year, however, Square Enix decided to resurrect the PC version of FFVII, although they chose to release the years old port on their own digital platform rather than Steam. Met with crippling DRM and other game-breaking issues, many fans were left wondering if this was really the right choice. As of several months ago, Square Enix had no plans to move the game “back” to Steam.

So the question now is – has something changed? This set of leaked achievements seems to offer a small hint and given Square Enix’s other titles on the platform, it would only make sense to extend more of their back catalog toward a larger potential user base.

While the evidence here doesn’t necessarily guarantee a Steam release for FFVIII, it’s certainly a good sign. Only time will tell if it turns out to be true

Source: Nova Crystallis

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