Warframe hits open beta with new update

By: Jonathan Toyad


Digital Extremes has “soft launched” its third-person shooter Warframe into open beta, complete with a massive update.

The patch, called Update 7.0, has brought in new warframes for players to try out: the saryn and banshee. The former has corrosive attacks that dissolve both organic and synthetic material, while the latter has sonic-powered offensive and support capabilities.

The update also introduces a new snow-themed stage called the Corpus Outpost that features an open-ended environment. New weapons in the update include the Paris hunting bow, the Viper full-auto light pistol, and the Fang daggers. Players can also try out a new mission type called endless defense where players have to defeat waves of enemies and survive as long as possible for big rewards.

Concerning balances, the mod system now does not allow the same mods to be stackable onto the same weapon. Existing warframe powers and weapons have been fixed. For more information, check out the full list of changes on the official forums.

Source: GameSpot

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