Ragnarok Online 2 North American beta starts this April

By: Jonathan Toyad


North American fans of the Ragnarok Online series can look forward to play the sequel, Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second, later this year.

Developer Gravity Interactive has announced that the second game in the series will be available in open beta form on April 18. Players who wish to sign up can head to the official site for the North American version.

Those who register early and get to level 10 can reserve their name for the first 60 days after its launch. The same users who have registered with game portal site WarpPortal and have a copy of the first Ragnarok Online will receive a secret Ragnarok Devoted prize. Players who register before April 2 will get free in-game prizes for Ragnarok Online 2.

Gravity Interactive has yet to announce the launch date for the full version.

Source: GameSpot


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