Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] gameplay detailed by Square Enix

By:  John Sotomayor


Square Enix has just updated their Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] website with gameplay information on the new browser title.

Username goldpanner translated the information, which is broken up into six categories: How to Play, Worlds, Card Synthesis, Deck Formation, Keyblade Strengthening, and Team. Picture credit goes to and the Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] website.

How to Play


As per the course in the Kingdom Hearts series, the player journeys through various Disney worlds and fights the Heartless. This time, however, defeating Heartless earns you Lux (“Light”), which is added up together at the end of the night and determines the winner in team battles. “Raid Bosses” bestow large amounts of Lux.



The player character is controlled with the mouse; simply click your destination, and your character will follow. You can also click on Heartless to initiate battles, as well as items and treasure chests as they appear. Actions are doled out using a point system called “AP,” which regenerates over time. Besides obtained Lux, defeating Heartless also nets you cards and components for synthesis and strengthening. Much like Chain of Memories, you can use certain cards to activate abilities.

Card Synthesis


Instead of synthesizing items, players can create their own cards using a base card and card components (munny is also required). Synthesizing cards of the same color type (such as blue or green) will result in card levels rising more easily, while synthesizing the same card twice yields a limit card, which also raises the card’s max level.

Deck Formation


There is an “Auto Form” option to create the strongest deck out of the cards you own. You can also battle with three cards at a time, which sounds–in theory–similar to the “stacking” function from Chain of Memories. Cards are divided into two types: attack cards (with set strengths and abilities) and assist cards (which determine HP and Lux gain). The former can be picked up after Heartless battles, while the latter can be found in treasure chests.

Keyblade Strengthening


Certain components obtained after battles can be used to strengthen your Keyblade. In addition, if the card types you use during battle match your Keyblade’s type, an “effect up bonus” becomes available.



Raid Bosses can be fought in team battles under a time limit. “BP” can be used to fight the Raid Bosses, with more damage being dealt as a result, but the site does not go into what exactly this “BP” is.

Overall, it appears that Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] borrows elements from its console brethren (especially Chain of Memories) while developing its own concepts, such as Raid Bosses and Lux. Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] is currently only available for web browsers in Japan. More pictures are available at the Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] website.

Would you like to see Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] come to the west?

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