The Old Republic’s ‘Rise of the Hutt Cartel’ expansion out April 14

By:  Eddie Makuch


Star Wars: The Old Republic will add its first digital expansion next month. BioWare announced today that the free-to-play massively multiplayer online game’s Rise of the Hutt Cartel will launch April 14, 2013.

Gamers who preordered Rise of the Hutt Cartel on or before January 7 will receive early access to the expansion and be able to jump in beginning April 9. On that day,game update 2.0: Scum and Villainywill go live, adding new level 55 content and legacy achievements.

The Rise of the Hutt Cartel add-on increases the MMO game‘s level cap to 55, adds a new planet called Makeb, and features fully voiced conversations. It will be available by digital download for $20 (subscribers can grab the content for $10).

Star Wars: The Old Republic launched a year ago behind generally favorable reviews, selling 2 million copies in its first three months. Subscriber figures fell, and the game added a free-to-play option in November.

Source: GameSpot


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