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Wednesday Night TV (27 Mar 2013)

ArrowHilarious.  Speedy and Arsenal are hooking up.  It’s great.  Being such a comic book nerd gives me such an appreciation for this show.  I love the actor that has been cast for Roy Harper.  Not a fan of Dinah‘s mother.  She is a selfish woman and ya know, I can’t feel bad for her character because she screwed both her daughters and that, well that is just not good parenting.  The flashback sequence was amazing and I loved it.  I loved every part of it.  It was unexpected and thrilling and just awesome!  Wednesdays @ 8PM EST on CW.

Modern FamilyClaire’s character.  Still don’t like her, but I guess every show needs that one character that makes all the other characters more likable. Also, the fact that Phil’s daughters know nothing about housekeeping. That can’t really be realistic. The “call the guy” joke though, that has been played already.  It was still funny, but it’s been done before.  Over all, this was still a hilarious episode and Mitchell is an incredible sore loser.  I mean, has be forgotten that he is an adult.  Adult.  I don’t think I can make that any clearer.  Wednesdays @ 9PM EST on ABC.

SuburgatoryDahlia and Dallas are great characters in this show.   There is just so much beneath the blond hair and the make-up and expensive clothing, and that’s what I really like about this show.  This really was a good episode that focuses on the growth of a character and the development of them as well, while at the same time still remaining hilarious. No this show is not “ROFLMAO” but it’s still fun to watch, thus I like it. There really is more than meets the eyes with each character. Also, Shelia is HILARIOUS.  Wednesdays @ 930PM EST on ABC.


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