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Han Hye Jin Clears Up Two-Timing and Wedding Rumors


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The biggest headlines over the past few days have been about the birth of a new couple, actress Han Hye Jin and soccer player Ki Sung Yueng. In consequence, rumors have been escalating, especially since Han Hye Jin’s break-up with her ex-boyfriend and singer, Naul, and her dating starting point with Ki Sung Yueng don’t seem to have much time in between. Therefore, Han Hye Jin decided to step in herself and clear things up.

On March 28, Han Hye Jin posted a lengthy message on Twitter. “This is Hye Jin. You were really surprised over the past few days, right? I should have told everyone myself but I couldn’t due to the circumstances and the sensitive timing so I really apologize for that. The reason why I’m posting this is to address the many rumors and misunderstandings that surround the two of us,” she started.

Han Hye Jin first addressed the rumors of her two-timing. She said, “There are many misunderstandings about the starting point of me dating Ki Sung Yueng. But I have never done anything that would hurt someone. It’s just that the time between my break-up and my new beginning with someone else was really short. So I have nothing to say if people criticize me for that. However, I can clearly say that I have not made a decision that would have hurt anyone,” clearly stating that she did not overlap her relationships.

There are also rumors that Han Hye Jin and Ki Sung Yueng have plans for a wedding this coming June and that meetings with both parents have already been had.

But Han Hye Jin clearly stated, “This is about the talks of marriage. We have never had meetings with both parents. Of course we are dating seriously but we haven’t specifically discussed anything about marriage. And if we were really to get married, we would’ve told you ourselves. I think that is the right way.”

She continued, “Because Ki Sung Yueng had an important game, we thought acknowledging our relationship would be hurtful so we are really sorry that we denied everything at first. Just like Sung Yueng said, we decided to tell everyone once he returned to the country. I hope you can understand us for having no choice but to deny our relationship.”

Lastly, Han Hye Jin said, “Even though there were many rumors and talks, there are those who still supported and believed in us — thank you from the bottom of my heart. To pay you back for your warm love, we will try to have a good relationship and we will try to show you good sides of us in each of our own fields. I think I will be able to meet you all through a good project soon. Everyone, I can’t express my thanks with just words but I sincerely thank you for understanding! It is a warm day today so I hope you will have a warm and happy day.”

Meanwhile, Han Hye Jin and Ki Sung Yueng admitted that they’ve been dating since January. They officially confirmed their relationship on March 27.

Source: Soompi


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