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Longings ©

A kiss
A touch
A love
A life

Holding me
Whispering into my hair
Telling me you love me

Do you?

I can’t grasp it
The tangiability
Of your emotions

I can’t grasp
I want to
Want to hold you tight
Have you hold me
Move your hands up my back
Tell me you love me






An arced back
A hot room
Your touch on my skin
Your lips on my neck
My hands on your neck

A racing heart
A meaningful look
What do they mean for you?

Sometimes I want to whisper
Sweet nothings to you
But untimately
I just want to have you

Beside me

Hold me
Make me laugh
Warm my sad days
My days of loss
My days of loneliness
My days of intangibility
Where nothing feels real
And only you do

You shine the light
Keep me grounded
When I feel broken
Less human
More like scratches on a page

Things turn to stone
And in my dreams
I’m in your arms
And as the world burns
Breaks and crakes
Like the reflections in my space
I feel okay
I feel whole
With your arms around my waist
And hands on my back
Sending tingles up my spine

The world opens up
I’m swallowed whole
And in the darkness
Through the wind and rain
There is a light

I just spread my wings and fly
Letting life engulf me
Not pass me by.


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