Day: 06/04/2013

The Host

Director: Andrew Niccol Screenplay: Andrew Niccol Based on: The Host by Stephenie Meyer Starring: Saoirse Ronan, Jake Abel, Max Irons, Chandler Canterbury, Frances Fisher, Diane Kruger & William Hurt The host revolves around Melanie Stryder, whose body has been taken over the an alien species called “Souls”.   Although her body is taken, she refuses to fade away, becoming a voice in her own head and that of Wanderer, the Host within her body. The earth has been invaded by the “Souls” who []

Friday Night TV (5 Apr 2013)

I love how the lawyer looks like the Lucifer with the horns and goat-ish appearance.  That in and of itself was great detail and I loved it.  Over all the detail that was put into this show was great. I love the acting and Sergeant Wu (Reggie Lee), I love him.  His character, however small, really does bring a lot to the table.  He doesn’t know whats really going on making him clueless, except he’s not really clueless and the last episode []