Day: 10/04/2013

Chronicle Screenwriter Sets The Record Straight On The Sequel

By: Eric Eisenberg It’s been a few months since we last heard an update about the progress of Chronicle 2, and at that time there was little more than bad news. While the news didn’t come from an official source, just screenwriter Max Landis‘ dad John Landis, the story was more than a little disheartening, with the elder Landis saying that the script for the sequel was having trouble over at 20th Century Fox and that the studio simply wanted a rehash of the movie []

Uplay PC download service disabled

By:  Eddie Makuch Ubisoft has shut down its Uplay PC download service today after hackers discovered an exploit that allows games to be downloaded for free, including the highly rumored Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Gameplay footage from the title surfaced last night, following the exposure of the exploit. “We are aware of the issue and are working to resolve it quickly,” a Ubisoft representative told GameSpot. “Uplay’s PC download service will be unavailable until the problem is fixed. However, all other Uplay services remain available.” []

Anne Hathaway Reuniting With Christopher Nolan For Interstellar

By: Katey Rich Anne Hathaway, a newly minted Oscar winner who also stole nearly every scene in last summer’s The Dark Knight Rises, is now set to reunite with Christopher Nolan for the director’s upcoming super-secret sci-fi adventure. Deadline reports that she’s about to close a deal to star in Interstellar, the project that already has Matthew McConaughey on board as the lead. We know almost nothing else about the story, other than the vague promise that it will “depict a heroic interstellar voyage to the farthest borders of []

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn closed beta phase 2 now underway

By: Erren Van Duine The second phase of closed beta testing for Final Fantasy XIV is now underway. Much like the process for phase 1, phase 2 will continue operating within “beta weekends.” While beta players will still be restricted to the city-state of Gridania, this early beta phase will introduce PC gamepad support, chocobo mounts, as well as all new Full Active Time Events. Starting from phase 3, PS3 players will get to join the fold as well as many more environments []

Tom Felton, Jake Abel And Garret Dillahunt To Play WWII Navy Flyers In Ghosts Of The Pacific

By:  Kelly West Garret Dillahunt, Tom Felton and Jake Abel are taking to the skies (and the sea) for Baja Studios feature film, Ghosts of the Pacific, which will tell the true story of three World War II Navy flyers who end up adrift on the South Pacific in 1942. Making movies based on true stories from America’s past is the specialty of The American Film Company, the establishment producing the film. The thriller is written by Mark David Keegan and American Film Company []

Rocksteady confident WB Montreal will make ‘fantastic’ Batman game

By:  Eddie Makuch Some may have been alarmed to learn Rocksteady Studios is not behind this October’s Batman: Arkham Origins. Sefton Hill, who directedBatman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City has attempted to alleviate those concerns, saying he is confident WB Games Montreal will deliver a “fantastic” Batman game that does the series justice. “Rocksteady is excited to see WB Games Montreal developing the prequel to the Batman Arkham franchise,” Hill said in the latest issue of Game Informer (via CVG). “We are confident this talented team will craft a []

Tuesday Night TV (9 Apr 2013)

Starring: Rachel Bilson, Jaime King, Cress Williams, Wilson Bethel, Tim Matheson & Scott Porter Genre: Medical drama, Comedy-drama Did not like the fact that Ruby (Golden Brooks) came back, I’m just grateful it was for this one episode because even though the actress herself has both talent and beauty, her character is by far the most selfish character out there, and no I am not saying it is wrong to go off and pursue your dreams, what I am saying is that the way she treated him []