Crytek: Graphics are 60 percent of a game

By:  Eddie Makuch


Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli has weighed in on the long-running discussion about graphics in games. Speaking to X360 Magazine, Yerli said graphics drive gameplay, and better visual fidelity allows developers to create more believable and engaging experiences.

“People say that graphics don’t matter, but play Crysis and tell me they don’t matter,” Yerli said. “It’s always been about graphics driving gameplay.”

Yerli pointed to Crysis 3 to back up his claim. He said the graphics are capable enough to show grass swaying in the wind, which allows players to detect when enemies are running toward them.

“Graphics, whether it’s lighting or shadows, puts you in a different emotional context and drives the immersion,” Yerli said. “And immersion is effectively the number one thing we can use to help you buy into the world.”

For Yerli, it all comes down to graphics, which can make up 60 percent of a game, he said.

“The better the graphics, the better the physics, the better the sound design, the better the technical assets and production values are–paired with the art direction, making things look spectacular and stylistic is 60 per cent of the game,” he said.

Source: GameSpot


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