The Coliseum is back in Lightning Returns

By: Ehren Rivers

Darksiders1_84522_screen Coliseum

An article at FFDream posted earlier today confirms the return of the Coliseum in the final Lightning Saga game, albeit in a ‘different form’.The people over at FFDream actually got a chance to pop over to the Square Enix Tokyo location and speak directly to the game’s producer (although they refer to him as ‘a director’), Yoshinori Kitase, and among the questions they asked him was whether the Coliseum would be making an appearance. Kitase was careful not to give away any details, only saying that something very similar to it would be present in the new game. If my translation of the French is right, he also said that it would be ‘detailed shortly’. Hopefully, this means we have another round of screenshots and information snippets coming up soon.

You can find the original FFDream article here, and when their video goes live I’ll see if I can find any new information presented in it.

Source: Nova Crystallis

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