Bulletstorm 2 was going to be ‘more insane’

By: Eddie Makuch


A sequel to 2011 first-person shooter Bulletstorm was going to be “an amazing game,” according to People Can Fly founder Adrian Chmielarz.

Speaking with Eurogamer, the developer–who has since left the company–claimed that this game was conceived as over-the-top and believable at the same time.

“It was gonna be actually more insane in a way,” Chmielarz said. “It’s still kinda believable but the pulpiness and the craziness of it was through the roof.”

He did not divulge any specifics, but pointed to Rick Remender‘s comic books as examples, specifically the Fear Agent series.

“Things are really truly insane in his signature series Fear Agent. But reading his Fear Agent series was like OK, this is madness, but you care about the characters and it’s good storytelling,” he said.

Former Epic Games president Mike Capps confirmed last year thatBulletstorm 2 was in production before the company decided to shift People Can Fly to another project, which turned out to be Gears of War: Judgment.

At the time, he explained that Bulletstorm sales were “good, but not amazing,” noting that he believed publisher Electronic Arts hoped the game would do better.

Chmielarz echoed this sales sentiment, saying it would have been a “big risk” to pursue Bulletstorm 2 when sales of the original were “so-so.”

“We analyzed what we could for the sequel, what we have control over, and it would be an amazing game,” he said. “But it was also very risky, because you don’t have that many examples of games where the first part was doing so-so; it wasn’t a failure but it was very so-so. And then the sequel suddenly kaboomed. So it was a big risk.”

Source: GameSpot


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