Beyond: Two Souls spans 10 hours

By: Eddie Makuch


Tonight during a special Beyond: Two Souls event at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City, Quantic Dream head David Cage revealed the narrative-focused game will span ten hours of gameplay.

A thirty-five minute clip of the game’s “Homeless” level was shown, depicting main character Jodie Holmes–played byJuno actress Ellen Page–fighting for her life and to protect her friends.

Beyond: Two Souls launches October 8exclusively on PlayStation 3. GameSpot will have more coverage of the event, including an interview with Quantic Dream co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumière.

Cage also said tonight that 75 percent of players finished his last game,Heavy Rain. This figure is up from the 74 percent reported in 2011.

He said typically, just 20 percent of players see a game through to its completion. However, this figure was higher for Heavy Rain because of how its story unfolds.

“But for Heavy Rain for example–that was really story-driven–the figure was 75 percent,” Cage said. “And so because people wanted to see the end, they wanted to know what would happen next…all this was very important.”

Heavy Rain reportedly grossed $100 million for Sony.

Source: GameSpot

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