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Monday Night TV (29 Apr 2013)

The FollowingStarring: Kevin BaconNatalie ZeaAnnie ParisseShawn AshmoreValorie CurryNico TortorellaAdan Canto, Kyle Catlett & James Purefoy

In this episode (starting to think I should do spoiler free synopsis’s), Claire has been taken to a lighthouse by Joe and Ryan is trying desperately to get to her, following the breadcrumbs the the final “epic” show down between the two characters.

The moment when Joe (James Purefoy) took possession of his kills was truly a powerful moment in the show.  It showed the intensity of his character as well as the insanity within his mind.  His character has lost a lot of momentum in the show which is a bit of a disappointment and that “climatic” ending was also a bit of a let down.  Fire fights to ends battles always seem like a cop out because of the fact that it’s too easy.  It allows for an element of surprise but it’s a cop out, especially when they announce a death.  This last ending was great amazingly done, but much like Joe Carroll‘s novel ending, it was predictable.  I expected more, something dramatic.  But despite that need that I felt the tension that was carried in those last few minutes.  Predictable, but the music coupled with the acting carried it a long way.  Can’t wait to see what happens next season!

Revolution.jpgStarring: Billy BurkeTracy SpiridakosGiancarlo EspositoZak OrthDavid LyonsAnna Lise PhillipsGraham Rogers, J.D. PardoTim GuineeDaniella Alonso & Elizabeth Mitchell

Monroe goes home to see the girl he loves in order to trap Miles in a situation that could lead to his death.

The casting of this show never ceases to surprise me.  Personally I love Miles (Billy Burke) and Aaron (Zak Orth) because for me they are the characters that have gained a lot of depth and character development.  Although, there are too many love opportunities for Miles.  I mean that is just ridiculous, to a degree, he can’t be in love with three women.  It’s believable for three women to be in love with him cause he’s an amazing character who is charismatic, strong and (this is going to sound cheesy) brave.  It really makes Monroe (David Lyons) pathetic and petty.  It’s a concept within the writing that I strongly disagree with.That being said the background given to him was good and the flashbacks were good ways to let the audience see where his character has come from.  The story line involving Aaron made his character all the more powerful.  That ending though, it was mind-blowing.  But, personally, it struck a cord with me and I can’t decide whether I love it or hate it…only because it makes it seem like Annie Wersching was kind of a slut.  Those darn love triangles.  Mondays @ 10PM EST on NBC.


Let me know what you think :)

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