Wednesday Night TV (1 May 2013)

ArrowStarring: Stephen AmellKatie CassidyColin DonnellDavid RamseyWilla HollandSusanna Thompson & Paul Blackthorne

Recap: Flashbacks on Oliver’s and Laurel’s relationship highlights their future and the plans of the Triad are finally revealed.

This show is amazing and the acting was phenomenal, as always.  This show has yet to disappoint.  Moira (Susanna Thompson) is just like Oliver, an extremely complex character.  As for Oliver (Stephen Amell) we really get to see another side of what he once was and just how much he has changed since then.  Personally, I’m excited to see how that relationship grows as well as the continuing journey of Tom Merlyn to the “Dark Side”.  The acting here is simply phenomenal because the progression, the way they adjust and develop their characters is superb.  Not only that, but the writing is amazing as well and the inclusion of all these DC Comics characters are great.  They stay (for the most part) true to the comics and develop the story, further creating the world of Green Arrow which is coming along much better than Smallville did.  The stories aren’t just base on one central thing, they focus on character development and growth and keep the essence of what has been created before them.  Amazing show.  Wednesdays @ 8PM EST on CW.


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