Tales of Symphonia getting a PlayStation 3 HD remake – Report


By: Martin Gaston

GameCube RPG Tales of Symphonia could be getting an HD re-release on PlayStation 3, a new report claims.

Its Wii-exclusive follow up Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World is also reported to be included, with the PlayStation 3 game being packaged as the Tales of Symphonia: Perfect Edition.

Hideo Baba, manager of the Tales series,told Spanish website Koi-Nya the two-game collection would be “a representation of the dreams and hopes of the fans, who have long been wanting it” but would offer no addional details.

GameSpot awarded Tales of Symphonia an 8.8 upon its original release in 2004. “Fans of Japanese role-playing games will take to its style and the depth of its battle system, and those curious about the genre and who loathe the idea of turn-based battle and scads of random encounters will appreciate the quick fighting pace. While the story may rely a bit too much on clich茅, the ride is still worthwhile. If you have a GameCube and like RPGs, you definitely need to check out Tales of Symphonia,” said the GameSpot review .

Source: GameSpot

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