Week 19 2013 Pt. 2

Batman-and-Red-Hood_20_FullBatman & the Red Hood #20


I want to note that I hate Grant Morrison for: 1. Ruining Talia Al Ghul who used to be cool before she decided to clone her son and seek vengeance against Bruce – the man she “loves”, and 2. FOR KILLING DAMIEN!  Grant Morrison you are a petty small little man and a huge baby, I hate you.

Now that I have said that and if you disagree with me readers that’s totally cool, everyone is allowed their own opinion.  Nevertheless, back to this comic.  It’s really interested and cool how P J. Tomasi is bringing back, subtly and old character who was once a Robin.  It’s really cool how P. J. Tomasi is setting that up and building something amazing.  Personally, I love it and I like the idea of having a girl as a Robin, and one who has the guts to speak back to Bruce.  Regular people never talk back to Bruce.  Tomasi is giving the girl spunk and attitude while at the same time making her incredibly likable.  Tomasi is one of the greatest writers out there, truly tapping in the rage that is Bruce’s, and his insanity at the loss of his son.  Now as much as that is interesting, the concept of his rage, however understandable is getting a bit tiresome.  Bruce needs to grieve now, there are so many titles out there and grief needs to settle in soon.  I hope that after the Batgirl issue and with the Nightwing issue, Bruce will finally grieve and return to the Batman that Gotham needs, not the maniac that he is acting as.  We need to settle on the introduction of a new robin, as much as it pains me to say so, because this is one of the better batman titles out there, because it shows his dynamic, the batman and robin dynamic that has always captured the audience.




thumbnailStar Wars #5

Leia Organa flies like her father.  Going back to a time after a new hope and the empire strikes back is great.  There is so much that went on to build on and expand the universe that is Star Wars.  Here in this issue you have Leia who is in the fight herself, caught between TIE fighters on a mission to retrieve some information for the Rebel Forces.  On her trip back however, her X-wing is caught in an explosion, damaging her ship, leaving her stranded in space and wounded.  Next, we have Luke who has yet to make his way to continue his training with Yoda and still the naïve spunky kid that admires his flight skill a little too much and has yet to gain the wisdom that he does to become the Grand Jedi Master and re-forge the Jedi Order (Return of the Jedi).  Oh and let’s not forget the wonderful Scoundrel Han Solo who has the very awesome Boba Fett chasing his tails.  Now this is one of the greatest Star Wars comics out there, because it builds on what we know and the characters are drawn up and written the way they should be, strong and believable, almost as if I am watching a completely new Star Wars movie.  It’s amazing!!  That is how I like it.  A lot of well-done characterization and show of how the Sith operated behind the scenes, oops, I mean the Empire.  The best star wars comic that Dark Horse is releasing right now.





Let me know what you think :)

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