Insomniac ‘seriously considered’ Resistance 4

By:  Eddie Makuch


Insomniac Games “seriously considered” making Resistance 4, but ultimately decided to build an all-new franchise–Fuse–in an effort to avoid “franchise fatigue.” President Ted Price revealed the news to GamesRadar, saying Resistance 3 represented a logical conclusion for the series.

“We decided to bring Resistance to a conclusion when we looked ahead and realized that Resistance 4, while possible and something we seriously considered, wasn’t going to be the right game for us at that time,” Price said. “We wanted to do something new.”

“One of the aspects of building franchises, and sticking with them for a long time is that even the team can get franchise fatigue. We had been pushing hard with Resistance from the beginning–which was a tough birth–to Resistance 3, which is a game we were all very proud of,” he added. “With Resistance 3 it felt like we had capped off, or at least closed a major chapter in that franchise. So, a lot of the team was looking forward to doing something different.”

2011’s Resistance 3 is the most recent core entry in the series, though a PlayStation Vita game–Burning Skies–launched last year. The future of the series is unknown.

Insomniac Games’ Fuse launches May 28 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Source: GameSpot

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