Week 21 2013 Pt. 1

RHOODO_Cv20_rszk3e00no_Red Hood & the Outlaws #20


Well, that was certainly interesting.  It was cool how the writers dove Arsenal, a.k.a Roy Harper, and Starfire into the memories and the pain that they brought to Jason Todd, a.k.a Red Hood.  They revealed that Arsenal and Jason met once before all this and became close friends.  It was a great connection to the past, something both have been hiding from another to highlight that even within friendships there are secrets.  This was a powerful issue about friendship and how truly haunting ones past can be.  With that haunting past we were truly allowed to see the haunting moment that Starfire hides, even from herself.  A moment between her and Nightwing.  I really appreciated that moment because I was beginning to wonder if DC was going to keep that moment, that tie of the past, of those two once dating and her loving him, in the comics.  It has been revealed and will obviously be a subplot that will be developed in the future.  I can’t help but wonder what would have her so enraged that she would attack human boy scout Dick Grayson, someone she loved.  And we can assume she once loved him because of a weak moment, in many issues earlier, where she was beaten to a pulp, she said “Richard”, so we can assume she has lingering feelings for him, yet that memory showed her attacking him. The question is: why?  It certainly brought more depth to her character, something that has been lacking in her character.  It allowed for a true moment of weakness, a true moment of her feeling something other than rage, but fear and loss.  It made her character likable!  This issue touched on how debilitating for all them their memories can be.  However, I am still really pissed at the fact that the writers removed his memory!  Jason used to be a dick, someone I hated but who I now like, everything that has happened to him has only worked to move his character forward and create more depth to him and just plain make him likable.



NTW_Cv20_qesfn340ly_Nightwing #20

Flying Blind

Before I begin…those artist certainly know how to draw the perfect spandex tushie.  Does Nightwing eve wear anything underneath that costume?  Just a thought.

Back to the story.  The direction has certainly changed, but in a good way.  The main plot is still what is propelling the story forward but the subplot and the side story with Prankster is certainly a story that is not lackluster or dull or simply written as a filler.   It had substance to it.  He story has moved him out of Gotham, which I think all fans can appreciate.  He has all this money, why is he staying in Gotham, who has Batman and Batgirl (and used to have a Robin)?  No, now he has moved and is now fighting crime in a city that desperately needs it.  I am from Chicago so I definitely understand it and totally love.  If only that perfect tushie truly existed.  Getting back on track, the storyline with the Prankster is interesting.  Prankster used to be the primary villain of Superman in his original creation, but now it seems like he has decided to make Nightwing his primary target for the time being.  It’s interesting because the design of him is even creepy, it’s fresh and new and the mask is definitely creepy.  And now he has put Nightwing into quite the dilemma.  Reveal his mask or die.  Not the first time he has been put into that dilemma, I mean Jason Todd striped him and Damien and told people to call in order to reveal who they were….with that tushie, I mean come on, who wouldn’t call.  But that’s besides the point (stupid tushie keeps distracting me).  The story was entertaining and well written, I enjoyed it a lot, and I can’t wait to read the next issue to find out how they are supposed to be working together.




TT_Cv20_a2kpavfpku_Teen Titans #20

Only Begotten

That cover is totally misleading.  You pick it up and you think it’s going to be about Red Robin, a.k.a Tim Drake, although something is very wrong with his character, not to mention he has already become ruined by the fact that his parents are alive and well, now he has no excuse to be the way he is, this darker character that he is.  But luckily, this issue was not about that, it was an issue about Trigon and Raven, and a wonderful issue at that.  Explored here is her past and how she came to be in the point of view of Trigon himself, and why Raven is so important to him and his plans.  It was incredibly interesting and I like how we got to see Raven, she has the same essence, the same persona as she used to have.   But there is more to her character here and the foundation is being laid for her place within the Teen Titans.  It’s great ground work for her to be here and shows us bits of her past as well.  Her costume takes a little getting used to, my main issue with it is the mask portion, whereas I love the talon aspect put on her gloves.  It’s a lot like Dove’s costume in the color scheme and I think this is supposed to highlight the redeeming qualities within her.  It’s clever if you ask me.

Best part though was when Cassie punched her in the face after her rage.  That was brilliantly done!  It was funny, brought out more of this tougher Cassie who I absolutely love.  She is just a badass, spunky and awesome.





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