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Week 21 2013 Pt. 2

AQM_Cv20_tiejzh7bjz_Aquaman #20


Filler issue. Just a filler issue.  The girl brought into the issue was interesting but her character needs more flushing out.  Understandably, she was brought in to become the caretaker of the other Atlantean artifact, but her character was lackluster.  Don’t get me wrong, she had a strong will and an interesting backstory and conflict with her family, yet a strong connection with then that makes her who she is, but her character was incredibly boring to read.  I felt no connection to her whatsoever.

This issue is what it says, an interlude that has absolutely nothing to do with the story.  It really is an issue you can skip.  For what it was though, it was interesting.  Not bad, just, dull.



GL_20_CVR_fxn2oq2lsl_Green Lantern #20

The End

EPIC!  This truly was an epic finale to this comic and established an ending for Geoff Johns as a writer, even if it doesn’t go the way he wants to, he has written his ending the way he wants to, and it was great!  Such a powerful ending.  There were so many twists and turns and just, it was an epic way to close the chapter on this book.


By now, hopefully you have picked up this comic and read it so you’re probably not afraid of the spoilers, but if you haven’t kept up, well sorry, but walk away and pick up this comic.  Hal Jordan becomes a Black Lantern and how everyone has teamed up again against the First Lantern who did something fearful.  He made the Guardians feel something, everything.  Thank heavens for that!  Still I hated his character for the most part, he was a complete jerk who thought way to much of himself.  But, we got to see so much in this comic, what effects everyone and Sinestro, he absorbed Parallax!  And took control of him, while Hal summoned Nekron!  It was an epic battle, having Sinestro and Nekron attack from both fronts and make the first lantern human again, human enough to die.  Sinestro was amazing, he was perfect and amazing and awesome.  I loved it!

And the twist, revealing Sinestro at the end and all the happy endings with the lanterns.  It was cheesy but it was fun and amazing.  Ganthet and Syad get to live happily ever after.  Everyone got to live happily ever after.  Man, I can be such a sap, but Johns left with a bang, giving everyone the ending he wanted.



Let me know what you think :)

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