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Week 22 2013 | Pt. 2


Superman #20


Well that was certainly interesting seeing Orion and Superman go head to head. Personally I love Orion so seeing him give Superman a run for his money was pretty cool. The Hector Hammond sub plot however was just a little dumb. I expected to see Hector in Green Lantern, not here and the way he was affecting everyone in the previous issue was just stupid. What was the point to it? Where was the motivation? Hector has always been a character who thinks before he acts, before he does anything. If it was a ploy to test his powers, well then, hijacking Superman’s head so that Orion has to come to stop whatever secrets from escaping was not clever at all.

But I digress, other than that it was a well thought out issue (for the most part). The circled up to the beginning and the previous circle to tie up together this little plot line but it also left a hook for the next issue. That world and the way Lana looks is a bit like Bizzaro world. The grey cracked skin, the demolished realm, but my assumption may be incorrect. Other than that hook, the moment Orion stopped beating the s*** out of Superman, with the arrival of Wonder Woman, the issue quickly got hilarious with the banter and the way Orion is like “so, are we going to talk about the kiss” and Wonder Woman’s response is “No”. She’s direct, strong and straight forward and the following expression of Orion as glum was just too cute.

Now, I am, and will forever be, a fan of Lois and Clark, they are just meant to be. But in the meantime, the direction this comic has taken with Wonder Woman and Superman being an item is perfect and hilarious. The way the characters are written compliments each other perfectly, and there is a depth to it because of the pain each has suffered much.




Supergirl #20

Home Invasion

All I can say that if DC insists on putting that outfit back on Power Girl, they have to make her look at least look proportional instead of an unrealistic character with triple D boobs. And second, they have to accompany the return with witty banter that says what where all thinking: “you’re too old for that outfit”. Oh my god, that was hilarious and brilliant! The way Supergirl and Power Girl are able to understand each other the way no one else can. They both have the same history, coming to a world that is unlike their own where they feel alone and distanced from their own cousin. But for Power Girl, she has lost both worlds, both places she called home and is a stronger, character for it, having more depth to her character than ever before.

Now, as far as the writing goes…IT WAS AWESOME! Nelson is poking fun at the outfit and the regression to her old costume, but also poking fun at whoever decided that going back to that costume was a good idea. (I don’t think it’s a good idea). The writing was captivating and hilarious, especially the moment that Santuary (Supergirl’s underwater Fortress of Solitude) turned on her, telling her that she was a clone and that Karen was the original. That expression? Priceless. The artist was amazing; it was smooth, sharp, and just perfect as far as facial expressions went. I’m starting to like Supergirl comics again.




The Flash #20

Reverse Part 1 (of 6)

Patty and Barry are moving in together! I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, they belong together more than he ever did with Iris the reporter. Not every hero needs to end up with a reporter, it’s cliché, and a cop-out after Lois and Clark. But Patty, after Flashpoint, and during she really proved her love and devotion. She took on the Speedster outfit and bike and gave up her life so that Kid Flash could live. She didn’t have to do any of that but she did because she knew she had to help the man she loved reset time. That action binds them together.

Nevertheless, back to this issue. The Reverse Flash has finally made his entrance into the DC Universe. Not the previous Reverse Flash had to character. He hated Flash, that was all, and all he wanted was power, that was all he wanted in the world, power. But he had nothing whatsoever redeeming about his character. In short, he was a petty little man. But this Reverse Flash seems to have a little more character to him. We have yet to be really introduced to him at the moment, but the mystique that follows his character at the moment truly is clever. The design of the character is also amazing, that that is due in part to the amazing artwork by Manapul. Manapul has had a slow comic series, with many issues being boring (that is a reported statement from comic books fans with whom I disagree), but the pace in this issue was fast and non-stop. You have something happening again and again, and the mystery involved with the writing allows the reader to getting sucked into the narrative. It’s almost like a mystery novel, which is probably why it’s still doing so well. You just can’t pull away.




Justice League #20

Prologue to Trinity War: Chapter 2: Secrets

Complex issue, more lies within lies. Waller trying to find the weaknesses of the Justice league is understandable but Col. Trevor? He’s the one who assembled the Justice League? Is it because he’s jealous that Wonder Woman has moved on? Does he even know and can he really be that petty? I’m so confused.

Anyway, this was a good issue but the biggest issue was the Atom. I’m not conflicted with her being a chick, but I do have issues with her being a double agent. The Atom used to be the most compassionate one out there, he was a minor character who was given a bigger role in Blackest Night (which still happened!), and who constructed the Atom by himself without any help from others. He was a superhero by his own right, but now she has lost that. Amanda Waller designed the belt and gave it to her. That takes away everything that was originally given to The Atom. Um, hello Geoff Johns, what the heck are you doing? I know that using the Red Tornado may have been a long shot and predictable, but why undo everything that was given to a character? Explain yourself man!

Despite what Johns did to The Atom, he continues to build on the nostalgia left before him with the Super Friends: Heroes of the Galaxy, but adding Firestorm, a kid being a hero. It’s perfect and shows just what a true fan Geoff Johns really is. I also applaud the fact that he introduced Element Woman into the mix, giving this incredibly minor character a bigger part in the DC Universe. What Johns also did in this issue was give Martian Manhunter a darker side to his character which was great to see here.

P.S. Bruce and Clark are such bros; two sides of the same coin. Always.



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