Week 22 2013 | Pt. 3

CONST_Cv3_ehzz6f06tt_Constantine #3

The Spark & Flame Part 3: The Big Smoke

John Constantine is awesome.  The way that the character is both charming and an ass never gets old.  This was a well-done comic but the villains here are just plain stupid.  They remind me of those villains who tell the “good guy” their plan before they actually win.  However, even though they clearly have a lack of brains that just made Constantine shine even more and look even more brilliant…like he needs an ego boost.

Now, the story was well done and put together, it was still flat. Not a lot of action…actually, there was practically no action.  The most that the reader gets out of this comic is a charming read with further insight into the curse that kills him then brings him back.  But it’s the killing him that highlights both his physical weakness but also a psychological strength.  It’s amazing how much Constantine can endure while seeing remaining the enigmatic ass that he is.  Never the less, it was such a dull issue because not a lot happened.  It was fun to read, don’t get me wrong, but nothing happened except some guy loses his eyes.  And that was near the end of the issue by the way.  It needs to pick up pace and quickly movie forward before it loses it’s readers (those who aren’t big fans of Constantine).  More needs to happen!




Earth-2 Annual #1

Secrets and Origins

Okay, the dialogue needs to be re-done.  I love this comic series, but the dialogue in this issue was redundant and repetitious.  Seriously, the writer literally copied and pasted a discussion at two different intervals.  It was as though he didn’t know how to start it so he started it the same even though circumstances between the two characters have changed.  No, it was just stupid that part.

The new Batman however, now that was cool and more characterization was given to the Atom.  This new Batman reminds me of Thomas Wayne when he was Batman in Flashpoint.  Now I wonder who this guy is.  Dick Grayson?  No, to dark.  Jason Todd or Tim Drake would be my top two guesses.

What makes this comic so good is the fact that it is not a reflection of Earth-1, but rather a darker version of it with it’s own origin and own substance that juxtaposes Earth-1.  That is what makes this comic truly brilliant; it’s not just some stupid copy.  This world has so Superman, 

Wonder Woman, and before this issue, no Batman, they all died at the hands of Darkside, the world’s three greatest heroes are gone so now new heroes have to come up.  But the heroes here are all reluctant heroes and the foundation that the writers are laying here for the Justice Society of America is amazing.  Great series.




Dawn of the Jedi

Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi #5

Prisoner of Bogan Part 5 (of 5)

Xesh is awesome.  The buildup and momentum of this story arc revolving the plot and Xesh escaping the planet of Bogan was well done.  The momentum of the Jedi chasing Xesh and his new mentor, a former Jedi who turned assassin and twisted by visions of darkness (just like Jacen Solo – I wonder if Xesh’s last name is Skywalker – naw, that would be too ridiculous, not everyone can be related to him).  The Sith are tricky little bastards with the way that they have removed his memories so that he will infiltrate the Jedi Order without knowing it.  And Omen, her narrative is unique and very well developed.  Given her past, she inspires much pity from the readers.


What is really ingenious about this series is the fact that the Lightsabers are thought of as Dark Force powered.  It’s cool are the writers are telling the story of the Lightsabers just as much as they are telling the story between the Dark Jedi and the Jedi.  It’s important to know and something that has never been explored before.  That there makes the story unique and powerful.  Great narrative, plot and character development.




Prisoner of the Floating WorldStar Wars: Legacy #3

Prisoner of the Floating World Part 3

Ania Solo is a smuggler and scavenger much like her ancestor Han Solo was before her.  She’s a cool bada** character who takes on both of the awesome tough traits found in both Leia and Han.  She can’t rest, can’t hold still and always needs to be doing something for the greater good.

That, sadly, is the only redeeming quality of the series so far.

There s no clear indication as to how long this series is going to be, but the fact that they are now, only barely touching upon the climax of the series is disappointing because within Star Wars arcs usually last 5 – 6 parts (issues).  So the fact that there has been little to no build up in the series, up to this point at least.  It has been moving at a much too slow pace.  The actions seems are short but not sweet.  There is little to know character development here because Ania Solo has remained the same, a strong headed girl who wants to do the right thing, but there should be more development in this series, started her at a lower level and grow to be the character that she is now.  The dialogue also have little momentum to it, sometimes even falling into clichés.  Something isn’t connecting to me as a reader, I feel a disconnection in the writing.  Ania is really the only reason I bother to buy this comic.




Let me know what you think :)

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