Week 24 2013 | Part 1

SB_Cv21_svtjpc5izv_Superboy #21

State of Decay

Doctor Psycho and Superboy have teamed up to track the H.I.V.E movements and locate any other future attacks.  The pair make the unlikeliest of allies and the funniest pair of allies.   They don’t have much in common nor do they get along as the best of friends but they do get along, but they are friends and complete opposites, making for an amusing team up at the moment.  They’re just funny.

A lot has changed for Superboy since the reboot.  Take a look at the costume, he actually has one now.  Still keeping the colors of black and red, he has rid himself of the jeans and now sports an awesome one piece outfit that speak either good guy or bad guy, and considering he has Lex and Superman DNA in him, it’s good that the outfit shows both sides to him.  More to the point, he actually looks like a superhero, not like a kid.

His character also has grown, starting out dark but how gained a bit of a lighter feel to it as he has some sense of what he is supposed to do with his life even if he feels as though he doesn’t belong.  Superboy has taken control to be a hero, not a weapon.  And he proved as much in this issue taking charge with the girl Sarah who is a danger to herself and does not even know it.  He rose to the challenge and defeated the monster by helping the girl, taking the hard road where no other option was left.  He’s grown up a lot since the relaunch.

Also, Krypto being tied to him instead of Superman, that is just great.  They make an adorable team and it gives something special to Superboy, something that is his and not Superman’s.  He’s Krypto the Superdog!




CONST_Cv1_R1_uoqw558uie_Constantine #4

All My Friends

The cover here is not the cover on the comic.  Featured on the cover of the actual comic is Constantine being thrown down by none other than Papa Midnight.  Many people are judging this series by it’s cover, stating that Constantine is being written as a copy-cat of Doctor Strange. It’s true, both characters are similar but this series is nothing like Doctor Strange, but then again I am long-time fan of Constantine and he’s such a charming a**hole, I can’t help but adore him.  Still, this series is lacking a sort of charm to it to keep me hooked.

This story especially was lackluster.  Granted one of the finer characters in the Constantine realm was introduced, that being Papa Midnight, but it was lame.  You are following Constantine as he make some connections, sees Zatanna and is being followed by some punk who Constantine totally bested.  It was just a lame issue, there needs to be more action, witty quips can only keep someone hooked for so long.  As a longtime fan, I am disappointed in the plot line, the writing is good but the plot is not.  Not much else I can say.





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