Day: 19/06/2013

Next Mass Effect: BioWare “borrowing” many game systems from Dragon Age III

By: Eddie Makuch BioWare Montreal is “borrowing” many game systems from Dragon Age: Inquisition  to speed up development on the next Mass Effect title , studio director Yannick Roy said on Twittertoday. After he tweeted  a picture of a design document for the next Mass Effect, a fan suggested the game could be “years” away based on the heftiness of the folder. Roy responded , “Don’t worry: we have a large and talented team, we started a while ago, and we are ‘borrowing’ a lot of []

Jurassic Park 4 Back On For A 2015 Release?

By: Nick Venable If you really want to get your dinosaur fix in the next couple of years, you may only have Neil Nightingale and Pierre De Lespinos’ CGI animated Walking With Dinosaurs to look forward to. And while that actually does look like a pretty interesting little flick, sci-fi and adventure fans have been clamoring for another Jurassic Park movie, even though the recent Jurassic Park 3D re-release is almost definitely already better than any sequel that ends up getting made, if it ever gets made. And it will []

WB defends Batman: Arkham Origin

By: Eddie Makuch Batman: Arkham Origins  is the first entry in the series developed outside of Rocksteady Studios, leading some to be skeptical about the project. The creative director at WB Games Montreal, Eric Holmes, acknowledged this skepticism in a new interview, but said gamers will believe in the title once they get to play it. “I would say that people have the right to be cynical; they have the option to be cynical,” Holmes told GameSpot. “Come and play the game []

Star Wars: Episode VII Casting Teenage Girls And Other Attractive People

By: Katey Rich Just as J.J. Abrams managed to update Star Trek with younger, better-looking versions of all the original characters, he’s apparently bringing a lot of more attractive faces to Star Wars.Bleeding Cool has gotten its hands on what they swear is a 100% verified casting breakdown for agents hoping to get their actors on the call sheet for Star Wars: Episode VII, which has set up offices in the UK. Unlike some rumors that have surfaced recently, the casting breakdowns aren’t detailed enough to give away []

Castlevania dev has next-gen “in mind” for next game

Eddie Makuch, Peter Brown The next project from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow developer Mercury Steam could be headed to next-generation systems like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Speaking with GameSpot at E3 last week, producer Dave Cox said, “We have next-gen in mind for our next project,” but would not say more. Cox’s answer came in response to a question regarding whether Mercury Steam considered next-generation consoles when developing Lords of Shadow 2  (due this winter) and if it thought the new []

Week 24 2013 | Pt. 2

Worlds Finest #13 Hide & Seek This Karen is so much better than she previously was especially now that her origin is being hammered out and established versus ever changing.  She’s sarcastic, funny and her personality can be childish sometimes, but not in a bad away.  Her costume has returned to the original costume with a few tweeks here and there, making her look good in the costume versus some image that was completely unrealistic unless she got implants.  But that’s my []