Castlevania dev has next-gen “in mind” for next game

Eddie Makuch, Peter Brown

The next project from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow developer Mercury Steam could be headed to next-generation systems like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Speaking with GameSpot at E3 last week, producer Dave Cox said, “We have next-gen in mind for our next project,” but would not say more. Cox’s answer came in response to a question regarding whether Mercury Steam considered next-generation consoles when developing Lords of Shadow 2  (due this winter) and if it thought the new consoles could jeopardize salesof a new game shipping on older hardware. Though Cox wouldn’t go into more detail about this next game, last year he teased  that Mercury Steam has a couple of “really cool ideas” in the works, adding that “it’s no secretthat I’m a big fan of Contra and I’d like to do something in that universe.”

Earlier this month, Konami filed a trademark application for a new game called Contra Run and Gun , though Konami’s plans for this project are unclear. Konami first teased a new Contra game  in June 2011, closing out its pre-E3 2011 press conference with a teaser logo and the words: “They’re coming.” The most recent entry in the Contra series was 2011’s Hard Corps: Uprising , a prequel to the Sega Genesis game Contra: Hard Corps .

Source: GameSpot

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