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image Injustice: Gods Among Us #6

Part Six

Well…that was certainly unexpected. Here in this issue a son of Bruce Wayne dies, tearing apart his home and his heart. The one and only Dick Grayson has passed away, and in the most awful way possible…at the hands of Damien Wayne. As much as an accident as it was, it was certainly a heartbreaking moment for Batman fans around the world. It was a tragic episode that made Superman and Wonder Woman see, for once, what exactly they were doing and causing, if only for a split second. Then they returned to what they were doing, playing God and Dictator to the worlds Government. It’s a great story line that is making the super heroes cross all the lines, something we don’t see in the regular comics. Usually the are bound by their own moral codes as well as their own morality, but not any longer. One of the best pieces of this issue was Catwoman. Her snarky attitude and love for Bruce made theissue all the better. She talks back to Superman, says what needs to be said and joins with Bruce in compiling a team to take down, or at least stand up, to Superman and all the other supers who are warping the ideals of justice and playing God. It’s awesome!



image Justice League #21

Shazam! Conclusion

Black Adam will never be gone. But for the time being he is. I haven’t particularly been liking the Shazam storyline, for the most part it has been a bit boring and slow as a sidestory, but it finally picked up the pace here as he fights Black Adam. Black Adam has Billy Bastion’s friends captured in order to get Shazam to give him his powers so that he canprotect the people from “evil”. In that attempt he has released the Seven Deadly Sins and has ordered them to take a host to unleash havoc to further coerce Shazam to give him hispowers. That’s not a very good guy thing to do if you ask me. Now this issue as a whole has nothing to do with the Justice League team other them establishing that he will be a part of the Justice League. At least, that is my assumption.

It also opens up the story for future story lines and shows us the entire new Shazam family. Not sure what is going to happen but the way the story moved and concluded here was top-notch (even if it was cheesy). It was faced paced, developed and concluded well, and was simply awesome. And I’m not that big a fan of Shazam to begin with.



image Red Lanterns #21

The New Blood

If you ask me, Guy was a better Red Lantern than he was a Green Lantern and Dex-Starr is a very good kitty. Seriously, you couldn’t ask for a more devoted and “behaved” little kitty. Then again, his origin story breaks my heart every time I think about it. But I am way off topic here, so way off topic. Really good issue with the new creative team. It has a great start and a great premise in which to continue this series. Guy was never one of my favorite Green Lanterns, but when he became a Red Lantern due to the death of Kyle Rayner in Blackest Night (WHICH IS NEVER ALLOWED TO HAPPEN AGAIN), I started to love him. He suddenly had a real purpose in the comic book world, other than just being the back up to Hal Jordan. And that is being carried into this series.

Guy Gardner is going to be a spy in the Red Lantern ranks. So he is tapping into all the hatred and anger he feels at having so much power but not being able to do anything, and for being thought of as the back up to Hal Jordan. It’s a really good issue that gives us so much insight into why Guy makes such a good red lantern and why Kyle’s death really pushed him over the edge. It also leaves the door open to explore the many possibilities of what is going to happen. He took Atrocitous’ ring for crying out loud! Now that was unexpected and awesome! This series just keeps getting better and better.




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