Xbox One Kinect will be able to redeem QR code

By: Martin Gaston

Microsoft has said that the Xbox One will be able to redeem download codes via the Kinect’s ability to read QR codes.

“To my reddit friends–yup–this works!” Xbox corporate vice president Marc Whitten wrote on Twitter last night  in response to a Reddit thread . Every Xbox One owner will be ableto scan QR codes if they wish, because the Xbox One’s Kinect is bundled in with every console sold and is required to be plugged into the console.

Xbox 360’s 25-digit codes are currently used for redeeming preorder bonuses, online passes, Xbox Live Gold subscriptions, Xbox Live Arcade games sold in stores, and Microsoft Points–though Microsoft will be phasing out the latter this year.

Microsoft will launch the Xbox One this November.

Source: GameSpot

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