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Week 27 2013 | Part 2 | Comic Reviews

image Aquaman #21

Death of a King Chapter Three: Confrontation

Mera is so cool. Now Aquaman, this has not been the lame superhero that is often joked about in pop culture but rather a very cool, very tough and bada** character. After the Throne of Atlantis story line where Aquaman’s counsul seemed to be responsible for everything(!) the world of Atlantis seems to be thrown into upheaval as not many people are thrilled with the idea of Aquaman being king…even though he is king….and awesome….and better than them all. This issue even proved that although he is half human, he is faster and stronger than their best warriors. That speaks volumes. Also, since Mera has been thrown back into the Bermuda triangle and reveals her “indiscretion” with King Arthur, her fiancé deems heran enemy, that is until she kicks all their tushies. Now as for Arthur, he is the unwanted king here because he is from the land and is letting his brother remain in prison. Therereally isn’t much he can do since his brother is responsible for the death of many people. It has put Arthur in a tough position as he strives to do what is right while at the same time trying to protect Atlantis from enemies down, DOWN, below and above. It’s a very intricate story line full of action and the way the story is developing is awesome. AQUAMAN IS SO COOL!




image Green Arrow #22

Shados Part 1 of 2

Alright, now I like A. Sorrentino but I don’t find her artwork all that atheistically pleasing. I didn’t back when she was doing I, Vampire (WHICH THEY SHOULD BRING BACK) and still don’t. At least with I, Vampire it fit the story line, the dark and paranormal feel to it. Here though, not so much.

Other than that, it was a good strong solid story. I don’t normally buy green arrow comics, I pick it up every now when it’s good and in this case, it was very good. Shado who wasonce Green Arrow’s rapist and mother of his son before the new 52 has just been established as his half-sister. So I think the aforementioned storyline is not going to be repeated…at least not by Shado. But that is the sub-plot. Mainly here we he goes head to head with Count Vertigo as he rescues the “other” dragon, who just happens to be the mother of Komodo, the other dragon. It’s a great story of webs interlacing the characters and tying the plots together as well as increasing the joy of reading the story. Also Ollie’s team is hilarious.



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