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Week 28 2013 | Part 3 | Comic Reviews

image Star Wars #7

The Rebellion Era

After saving Princess Leia who was near death, Luke and Leia are now on Tatooine and are paying respects to his aunt and uncle while they also formulate a plan of attack on the Empire. Espionage time! It was a slow issue that focused more on someone who Lord Vader has faith in. It’s difficult though to see who the traitor in the Rebellion is. But we know that the woman who Lord Vader has faith in is the woman that the Rebellion need to get their hands on.

Beside all that we get to see what the heck is going on with the ever so handsome Han Solo. He is planning his escape from Coruscant but is not getting away easily. But nothing isever easy for that Scoundrel and that makes it’s so much fun! Great comic taking place in a great time line.




image Dexter #1

I am a huge fan of Dexter, I read the novels and I watch the TV series and when I saw that this was going to be coming out, well I just got super excited about it! And it did not disappoint. This issue was a great opening into who Dexter is and what he’s all about. He is a serial killer who kills serial killers for those of you who may not know. It was an amazing comic and stayed true to the series. I have to say, it didn’t to well of a job really introducing Dexter, it’s obvious they are assuming everyone who picks it up is going toknow who he is, but most people do and anyone picking up the mini-series is going to know who is as well so it’s an oversight that can be overlooked.

In the end, it was bold choice to bring this to the comic book world and create this miniseries. It was bold, intense and introduces a very good plot line that is just awesome. Artwork was okay, could have been better, but did not impede on the comic as a whole. If you’re a fan of Dexter whether in fiction or television you will enjoy this series for sure.



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