Day: 25/07/2013

Ouya devs open up on sales figures for new console

By:  Jonathan Toyad Developers for the recently launched Ouya console voiced their opinions onEdge  and Gamasutra  about how each of their various titles have sold so far. Developer Matt Thorson, whocreatedTowerFall , said that the game performed well , selling 2,000 units at $15 each. “Sales have been surprisingly high for a new game on a new console. The game has definitely proven itself on Ouya, I think there’s enough demand to warrant bringing it to PC,” he said. Developer NimbleBit’s title Nimble Quest  was []

BioWare considered charging for Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut

By: Eddie Makuch BioWare considered charging for Mass Effect 3’s Extended Cut  downloadable content, community lead Chris Priestly has revealed. “Probably shouldn’t say this; there was discussion [about] should it be charged,” Priestly said during a recent PAX Australia panel. “And [executive producer Casey Hudson] said, ‘No, we can’t do that. We have to make this better. We can do a better job finishing the game, providing clarity, answering some questions.’ And it was very important to the team toend it as best []

Microsoft reverses Xbox One indie publishing requirements

By: Eddie Makuch [UPDATE] Following the publication of this story, Microsoft confirmed that independent developers will be able to self-publish titles on Xbox One and that every system can be usedto make games. More details about the program will be shared at Gamescom next month. “Our vision is that every person can be a creator. That every Xbox One can be used for development,” Xbox corporate vice president Marc Whitten said in a statement. “That every game and experience can take advantage []